BAKER hydraulic Transmission Side Cover, Function Formed

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BAKER hydraulic Transmission Side Cover, Function Formed
- very nice side cover to convert your bike to hydraulic operated clutch or as replacement for the simple designed OEM hydraulic cover
- reduces the M8-Oil Transfer Problem noticeable
- compact design
- made to work with the 11/16" bore stock control
- depending on your vehicle available in black wrinkle or polished
- available as front feed or rear feed clutch hookup


  • Installation on 1993-2006  FLH/FLT models requires either the stock cast engine oil spout to be trimmed to clear the bleeder screw or installation of the BAKER Function Formed FLH/FLT Engine Oil Spout.
  • Banjo Bolt is 3/8-24 thread (provided by customer)  bleeder screw is 1/4-28 thread (included in the kit)
  • Designed to work with DOT 5 Brake Fluid
  • Designed to work with the stock sized 11/16″ diameter piston clutch lever assembly or an aftermarket equivalent.
  • Transmission oil level is checked with the bike on the kick stand, and threading the dipstick into the side cover.  

Additional product information

Finish Schwarz Wrinkle
Connector Rear Feed
Transmission Milwaukee8©

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